Saturday, October 15, 2011

Now & Then - A Special Memory Created

Douglas often dresses up in costumes. He could be a pirate, ninja, super hero, cowboy, or even Zorro. All the grandchildren enjoy dressing up. This should not surprise me as their parents did this, too.

Be sure to look through all the pictures. The special reason this is so sweet for me is at the bottom.


Douglas does his school work as a pirate:

Don't you just love the six-shooter this pirate carries? LOL
He is quite well armed!
Now for the reason this is so special to me is the two pictures below.   

October 2011 - Douglas doing his school work as a pirate.

February 1985 - his mother, Cortney, doing hers as a princess.  
Cortney pointed out to me upon seeing these two pictures the fact that both children are sitting at the same table in these pictures!

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  1. What a fun post! That table was certainly a good investment :o)