Monday, October 10, 2011

Horseback Riding - Field Trip

We had an exciting field trip today. We were invited to the Langer Farm so the children could ride horses. They had so much fun.

 Singing with Go Fish in the car

Miss Wendy tells us some things so we will be safe while we are here.

 We jumped on the hay wagon. Daisy, the dog, wanted to be in the picture, too.

Miss Wendy took a picture of all of us. Grandma, Mommy, Douglas, Charles, Wesley and Diana.

Throwing leaves is one of best things of fall.

Wesley brushes Noel.

Miss Wendy introduces us to Lilly and Storm.

Charles brings hay to feed Noel.

Charles sits on Lilly.

Diana holds Little Bit while her saddle is being put on.

Douglas and Diana climbed the hay wagon.

 Charles rides Little Bit.

 Diana points out the horses apples.

 Douglas rides Little Bit.

Wesley gets his turn on Little Bit.

 Diana rides Little Bit. She had no fear and had to be reminded to hold on.

 Wesley and Douglas are watching the others ride.

 Charles discovered this golf cart and the others jumped aboard for a "ride."

Miss Wendy had the children help her collect eggs.

 Miss Wendy lifts Diana up to see.

 Diana kept an eye on the hens. She tried to pet them, but they didn't cooperate.

 Charles shows off the different sized eggs. We learned that the small eggs come from the very young hens. Many of these eggs will not have a yolk.

We had a wonderful time today. Thank you, Miss Wendy!

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