Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Rotary Gardens - Field Trip - March 20, 2012

Four of the grandchildren and I headed to Rotary Gardens in Janesville, Wisconsin, today. We didn't expect to see many flowers, but the children were excited to see all the water places.

 Today was free admittance. They told us there is no charge until April 15th. So we plan to go again before they start charging. 

 The children enjoyed running the maze. The day was so sunny and over 80 degrees. Quite a beautiful day for a day in March.

 Checking out the fish in the pond.

 The day was windy, but wonderful!

We had to stop and check out these beautiful large orange flowers.

 Even though the well had no water in it, the children enjoyed taking turns raising and lowering the bucket.

 They are so willing to pose. They even look at spots and say, "Grandma, this would be a good place for a picture."

 The water is a great attraction at any time.

 We have taken a picture by this clump of river birch trees every time we come to Rotary Gardens.

 A pair of Canadian geese watched us almost as much as we watched them.

One of several decorative bridges to be enjoyed...
Diana may look like she is actually in "lock-up," but it is just a window.

 This flowering tree was so fragrant, even though it was just beginning to flower.

 I love willow trees, so I had to take some pictures of these.

 This zoomed in picture shows some of the many daffodils around the gardens.

 The gazebo across the pond.

The geese came under the bridge very cautiously. They had their eyes on us the whole time.

 Charles, Wesley, Douglas and Diana on the big bridge.

 The daffodils are just screaming, "It's spring!"
 Even the little daffodils join in the chorus.

Time out for a little rest and a water break.

Obviously Enid Haupt did not enjoy her trips through gardens with four delighted children. While they were well-behaved they were not quiet. I think I may go here one day all by myself and hopefully find this "quiet" she speaks of.

 I think these bear cubs are a new addition. I don't remember seeing them before. The children just gave them a quick glance and moved on. They enjoy the water the most, with the bridges, pools, ducks, geese, paths, all coming a close second.

 Douglas wanted paper and pencil (which I did not have) to copy the verse on this bench. I told him I could just get a picture of it for him. Not sure what he plans to do with it, but maybe I will have him write it for his penmanship copy work one day.

 Birch trees are a favorite of all of us. The children probably love it because it is often mentioned in stories of Indians they have read, or because it is such an easy tree to learn to identify.

 Diana found another of these windows. She kept shouting, "Help. I am in jail. Let me out."

A moment of QUIET!  I was almost enjoying it so much I forgot to take a picture of it. I told the children the quote on the bench and then told them to close their eyes and be quiet so they could listen.
 Here is the quote on the bench...

 So praying that I help to instill this in the children...an awe of all the creations of God.

 The big boys lead us along this long low bridge. I held fast to the hands of the other two. While it is not deep, I had no desire to fish either of them out.

 Diana tried to keep up to the boys as they walked around a large court area.

 Charles is always ready to pose.

 Douglas took this picture of Diana and I - just to prove I was there too.

They saw this throne chair and immediately pronounced it the "Throne of Narnia." So began the discussion of who was who....Diana doesn't not look pleased with who she gets to be...LOL.  Douglas, being the oldest, said he had to be Peter, the High King of Narnia. I so enjoy watching their imaginations at work (play???).

We had a wonderful afternoon at Rotary Gardens!

Diana is Reading

Diana started reading short vowel words just before her third birthday in January.

Here is a video of her reading a Bob Book "Sox is a Fox."