Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Fall Walk Around the Neighborhood

Monday, October 24, 2011 we took a walk around our neighborhood looking for signs of fall. I enjoyed taking pictures. The children picked up leaves, acorns, stones, sticks and other "treasures."

 Diana checks out the neighbor's decorations. She had to look at each and every one up close.

 Our wildlife does not begin to compare to some places. (Like Alaska and the bears, eagles, etc.) However, we do have some critters and they can be fun to watch.

 Love how they often take their walking sticks with on a "hike."

 While we do not do any special celebrating for October 31st, we do celebrate fall and enjoy how people decorate The Harvest.

 There were still a few pretty flowers to be seen and photographed.

 This little guy seemed just as curious about us. He would duck behind the tree, but soon peeking out again. I took LOTS of pictures of him as he was so cute.

 With the leaves off most of the trees, so many different nests were visible. Often several in one tree.

The explorers take a closer look at the crack in the sidewalk and make a "discovery."
 The discovery ... moss. But it was carefully carried home.

 Mr. Bob, a neighbor, came by and said, "Hi." It provided a good lesson on who is it OK to talk to and who it is not. Mr. Bob is definitely an OK. He and his wife live next door and are very special to our family.

 The sharp eyes of the children found this critter.

 Another nest and...
  ...some beautiful fall flowers!

We HAD to go back home. The battery on my camera died and I can't really enjoy a walk without my camera...LOL. Wesley decided to stay at home and ride bikes with some of the neighbor children. Douglas, Charles, Diana, and I headed off again in a different direction.
 Walking through leaves is always a favorite fall thing to do! When their mom and uncle were young we had a special park we loved to go to. It was full of huge oak trees. The leaves would be over a foot deep! So much fun.

 A neighbor stopped to introduce us to Samson, his new St. Bernard puppy, 4 months old. Diana was the only one that was determined to pet this exuberant puppy.

 Our back fence. Mom's raspberry bushes have escaped under the fence.

 This is the school the boys would be going to if their parents had not chosen to homeschool.

A big brother's hand always makes a little girl feel safe and loved

 Charles checks out an evergreen. Diana declared it, "too pricky!" 

 Have you hugged a tree today? Douglas and Diana gave this one quite an inspection. And Charles ponders why someone would cut off all the limbs...they are what make a tree climbable for a boy.

 Douglas tests a branch as a possible new bow.

 The beautiful red of this tree really stands out since most of the trees have lost their color.

 What a view he must have from his high perch.

We took a few minutes to look UP. We checked out the different cloud formations.

The playground at the school provided a little break. The children had to try out all the equipment. Diana didn't think it was much of a playground. She kept asking, "Where are the swings?"

 So she substituted with a little climbing.

 Limbo anyone?

 Charles loved this low bar.

So many things to climb!

 Not sure what you call this one.

A race!
 Diana is racing too! She ran the whole distance.

 I said, "Don't step in that puddle." She said, "It is not a puddle. It is water." I said, "DON'T step in IT." You can see she is really pondering what to do.

 Birch trees are a favorite. They are the first trees the children have each learned to identify because of their distinctive bark. They are extra beautiful with their yellow color in the fall. This one is hiding a nest.

 A bountiful harvest display.

 A perfect climbing tree makes for a fun picture place.

 Another perfect picture place!
 Another good picture. I wish Wesley had been here too.

Every good photo shoot ends with a funny face picture! 

Hope you enjoyed taking our fall walk with us.

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