Saturday, May 26, 2012

Beautiful Day in March

In March we had a week of the most gorgeous summer weather. My son, Kyle, and I took the children to Hawthorne Park. This nice neighborhood park is about six blocks from our house so we go there often. It is a nice walk.

Kyle and Kimberly homeschool their boys Jacob, 5, and Aaron almost 3. The boys did some work quickly in the morning so they could come to our house and go to the park. The other four worked quickly on doing their schoolwork as well so they would be ready when the others arrived at our house. 

Off to Hawthorne Park for some physical education and fun.

 Kyle in the back, Douglas, Charles in the middle, Diana, Aaron, Jacob and Wesley in the front.

 Diana loves to swing and swing. She wants to "go faster" (meaning higher).

 Climbing is a popular activity of the children.

 I know we were only six blocks from home but bringing a lunch made it a very special trip to the park.

 I often have all six of the children for the day. It was fun to have Kyle with us today.

 Jacob loves to climb, too. They all shout "Take my picture, Grandma." when they think they are doing something cool.


 Diana and her best friend (also cousin) Aaron. Jacob in the back.

 They are all in such constant motion. The most I could catch was five of them on the slide at one time...LOL.

 Diana doesn't often have a little girl to play with. She and this little girl were attracted to each other quickly. Here Diana is showing her the scrape she got on her knee when she fell while running on the way to the park.

 Douglas sure needed a haircut....but I do love his curls.


 Some other children had brought some trucks and diggers and our children were quickly included in the play.

 Charles loves to pose.

Walking home. Diana and Aaron stick close together all the time. It is precious to see them like this. I pray they remain the close friends they are now.

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