Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Backyard Obstacle Course

May 22, 2012

An obstacle course is a fun way to entertain six grandchildren and it counts as physical education for our homeschool. They get lessons in taking turns, following directions, exercise, and some just plain fun.

 First I quickly arranged a few things around the backyard and then directed the children to go over the table, under the trampoline, up on the chair to the trampoline, jump across, down on the table, etc...around the yard.

Douglas going over the table and under the trampoline.

 Diana was a little slower than the big boys and had to shout "Wait for me!"

 Then I gave the game over to the children. Charles was the first leader and took the rest of the children in a fun course. Here he jumps off the table.

 Followed by Douglas....

 then Wesley...

 and Jacob.

 The children all lined up behind Diana who is now the leader. Diana, Douglas, Charles, Wesley, Jacob and Aaron still on the trampoline.

 Diana leads up the steps and down the slide.

 Around the yard after swinging from the ropes.

 Now UP the slide and DOWN the steps.

 That was so much fun she did it again and AGAIN...three or four times and the boys obediently followed.

 Let's cross the trampoline.

 Then swing on the ropes. Here goes Diana...

 then Douglas...

 Next is Charles...

 Followed by Wesley...

 and then Jacob.  Aaron got left on the trampoline. Aaron got left on the trampoline almost every time he was lead across it. Aaron LOVES to jump on the trampoline and would rather do that than follow the others around the yard. The children often ran into him still on the trampoline when they would come to it on another round of the obstacles.

 Diana leads over the chairs....


 Obstacle course done. Time to swing. Aaron just turned 3. He is just learning that he likes to swing.

 The whole gang posed for some pictures. Grandma said. "Say 'I love Grandma.' in the hopes to make them all smile. Diana heard the camera click and....TEARS! She hadn't said, "I love Grandma."  She can turn to instant despair. Notice the faces on the boys as she dissolves in tears and won't be consoled...

 "What's the matter, Diana?" they ask.

 Puzzlement. I love the frown on Jacob's (far left)  face. Like most males he does not understand female tears.

 They tried to talk her out of it. They offered to do it all over. 

 They are about ready to give up. And Grandma just keeps taking pictures...LOL

 They are done and she continues....

She is really a Drama Queen. We all love her anyway. And Grandma just keeps taking pictures...

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  1. Beautiful job Mary. Boy I miss being around those kids, momma and grandma too. We will have to do hot dogs over the campfire soon. It has to be when Ernie's not working a saturday which seems to be most. I am so glad these kids have you as grandma to train them to be strong individuals. Love to Everyone.