Sunday, September 15, 2013

Hawthorne Park with Seven of the Grandchildren

Hawthorn Park is just blocks from our home, so the grandchildren and I visit it often.

September 12, 2013

The seven grandchildren ready to go. Charles, Douglas, Jacob, Aaron, Diana, Wesley, and Charlotte.
First a stop at the "Cookie Store." This bakery is too handy - only 2 blocks from our house.
Look at all the cicadas up there.

The branch was loaded with cicada exoskeletons.
This leaf must have been a hatching place for some insects.
The children love to HUG trees. They like to see how many of them it takes too encircle the tree. Here it took just five. Douglas was not needed.
Jacob, just turned 7
Aaron, 4
 I got pictures of four of the other grandchildren on another day...


A neighbor's yard was full of leaves just begging to be played in.
Throwing leaves is the best way to celebrate FALL!
We always pose with the park signs.
The shoes come off so they can play in the sand.
Jacob says, "Look at me, Grandma."
Wesley jumps.
Charles jumps.
Cousins Aaron and Diana, both 4, love to swing.
Charles takes Charlotte for her first trip down the slide.
Aaron gives Charlotte a push on the swing.
Douglas was disappointed that some of the kids stopped playing Star Wars with him.
The kids made a discovery in the sand.
Charlotte loved being in the sand. She only tried to put it in her mouth once.
On the way back home.
Let's pose for one more picture.


  1. Hi! I came across your blog via a search for homeschooling grandparents. I am raising my granddaughter & am a veteran homeschool mom. Soo of course, I'm already leaning toward homeschooling her! However, I can NOT seem to find any groups on facebook or online specific to homeschooling grands. Have you found any?? I'd love to get connected.
    Oh - here's my blog (very new blog!)

  2. Several people have messaged me about getting in touch with other grandparents who are homeschooling or interested in it. I am starting a group on facebook, please consider joining. I am hoping it will become a good resource for fellowship and support.