Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Henry Vilas Zoo in Madison, Wisconsin

Every year means at least one trip to the zoo. Henry Vilas Zoo is one of the few free zoos in the country. My family went there when I was a child....so many years ago. I took my own children as they were growing up and now I go with my grandchildren.

We visited the zoo on Monday, June 3, 2013. Here are some of the highlights of our day...

Charlotte started out in the stroller but choose to "ride" with Mama most of the day. Douglas took this picture.

My daughter Cortney and her daughter Charlotte.
Douglas took this picture. He is just beginning to learn to use the camera and loves taking pictures.
The children were almost as excited about seeing this little guy as they were about the zoo's animals.
I watched my family while they watched the seals.
Cortney holding Charlotte, then in front: Wesley, Charles, Diana and Douglas.
Douglas took this picture.
This giraffe can do quite a trick with its tongue...
Diana tries to imitate the giraffe with her tongue.
Charles is 8, Douglas is 9, Wesley is 6 and Diana is 4.
Such a cute face!
TRADITION - We do a shot every time we come on this lion. Charlotte, Diana, Wesley, Charles, and Douglas.
Charlotte is 7 months old.
Wesley is our active 6 yo.
Douglas will be 10 in 2 months.
Princess Diana, 4, is always ready to pose.
Charles, 8, is always ready with a smile.
Off to explore....they are always ready to check out what is around the next corner.
Douglas, Charles, Diana and Wesley.
So big....
Wesley and Diana hunt for the queen bee.
One of my LEAST favorite critters....a millipede....and this was a GIANT one.
Another NOT favorite...not sure of the story of the white one...
Tortoise skeleton...is interesting.
This one is for Uncle Kyle who does NOT like toads. :)
Now here is a FAVORITE of mine. I took so many pictures of the flamingos...it was hard to choose just one.
Wesley comes down the slide.
Douglas came down the slide with Diana because she was unsure about it.
Charles and Wesley on the carousel.
Douglas enjoyed a ride too.
So did Diana. She hung on tightly because Douglas had told her to. Charles in the background.
A ride on the train. Douglas and Diana choose to ride in the caboose.
I joined Charles and Wesley in the coal car.
When we went through a tunnel on the train, Charles noticed the dynamite.
This little guy was so cute...a red panda.
Charles, Diana and Wesley
Watching the river otters.
After the zoo we stopped and picked up Grandma's sister, Nancy, and went to Culver's for dinner.
When we took Aunt Nancy home, we saw this deer near her house.

We enjoyed our day at the zoo. We so missed seeing some of our favorite animals. Sadly, some have died and others just were not to be seen this day.  But...we will be back!

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