Thursday, February 21, 2013

Grandfather Tang's Story

A Tale Told with Tangrams


This morning we read a delightful book by Ann Tompert. Grandfather Tang's Story tells the story of two fox friends who begin a game of changing themselves into other creatures. It becomes dangerous and a game of chase when one becomes a rabbit and the other a dog.


The children enjoyed the fast pace of the story and the exciting changes made by the characters. As each change is made there is picture of the tangram creatures Grandfather used to tell his story.

When the story finished Charles used his tangrams to create the different creatures from the story. Here he is making the goldfish.

Diana and Wesley used a little easier book of tangram designs to make...

Then the children had some fun creating creatures and other designs on their own. 
The children and I would recommend this fun book. The children found the story exciting and anxiously waited for me to turn the page and see what new creature was there. I found the story enjoyable to read, and love how it captured their interest. It would be a great book if studying shapes or China. It is also a wonderful "just for fun" book.

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