Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Disc Golf at Lustig Park - October 1, 2012

We had so much fun at Lustig Park before that we decided to go there again and this time bring our Frisbees. Lustig Park has a couple playground areas, but is known for Disc Golf. We knew nothing of disc golf the first time we went there but even then the children found plenty to do. But this time we were going to play.

 While the children were playing on the playground equipment, Wesley sighted this bird. We watched the woodpecker for some time

We crossed the road to play our game of disc golf. But first had to check out the water pump. It does not actually produce any water, but all the children had to take turns at pumping and "catching" water.

We started our game at Tee 11, which is actually the 2nd to the last "hole" of the game.  We were using this hole to warm us up for the final big one...Number 12.
 The children had fun tossing their disc, picking it up and tossing it toward the "hole" over and over again.

Then came the Big 12th...It starts at the top of a steep slope. This was the real attraction to the kids. I thought they might just throw their discs down the slope, retrieve them and toss them down again. However, they played it through. When I took this picture I was at the bottom of the slope and you can see how far off the children are. No one gave up. Each one of them finished. No one counted how many times it took them. They just continued to pick up their discs and throw them again.
 They gathered under a nice shade tree for a much needed rest. They all said they were "tired!" 

We spotted this squirrel who was busy collecting acorns and burying them. 

Before we returned to our car we watched some men who came to play a game. They started at Tee 1. They boys were in awe at how far these men could throw their discs and that they actually went towards the "hole."

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