Friday, February 3, 2012

Presidents on our Timeline

Our timeline runs all around the room we use for school. It is a line of yarn a few inches from the ceiling with different colored tabs marking off the centuries, decades, and years. Since Douglas has begun memorizing the Presidents, I bought a bulletin board set and today we put up all the Presidents.


  1. I love your timeline idea! We have almost no wall space but I do have room by the ceiling--thanks for the inspiration! Please share where you bought the bulletin board president set.

    1. We lack wall space as is all taken up with windows or bookcases. I got the bulletin board set at a local teacher store that is going out of business, so it was a really good price, otherwise, I probably would not have gotten it. I got a few other sets as well...Civil War, Black history, American Revolution, Explorers, Inventors and these will get added as we study them...