Monday, February 3, 2014

My Father's Dragon

We got the book and cd from the library. It is fun to listen to as the reader Robert Sevra does some great voices and expressions. 

The children love maps so this discovery inside the front cover was exciting. We studied it much before we even began the story. They we referred back to it several times as we were reading to follow the journey of Elmer Elevator and his rescue of the baby dragon.

The children enjoyed drawing the map. Their drawings were quite different and they seemed to focus on different aspects of the story - but they all included the blue and yellow striped dragon.

One of the characters in the story is a rhinoceros who is very upset with how yellowed his tusk has become with age. We used eggs to see the effect of soda on the shells. We started with hard-boiled eggs.

We poured a can of dark soda covering the eggs and let them sit about an hour while we were doing our maps. 

Here Wesley shows a fresh egg and one that had been soaking in the soda to show how discolored it had become.

The children got out toothbrushes and started to scrub the eggs.

They added toothpaste and got better results.

Diana needed some assistance as I do not think she was scrubbing hard enough.

The eggs were much improved by the brushing, but not completely back to their white color.


1. Brushing teeth is important.

2. Do not drink soda. The children never drink soda. Now they understand why Mother has encouraged them to drink lots of water instead.
BENEFIT of our class today....

Egg-salad sandwiches for lunch! Served here with apple slices.

There are two more stories in the book to still be enjoyed.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Hawthorne Park with Seven of the Grandchildren

Hawthorn Park is just blocks from our home, so the grandchildren and I visit it often.

September 12, 2013

The seven grandchildren ready to go. Charles, Douglas, Jacob, Aaron, Diana, Wesley, and Charlotte.
First a stop at the "Cookie Store." This bakery is too handy - only 2 blocks from our house.
Look at all the cicadas up there.

The branch was loaded with cicada exoskeletons.
This leaf must have been a hatching place for some insects.
The children love to HUG trees. They like to see how many of them it takes too encircle the tree. Here it took just five. Douglas was not needed.
Jacob, just turned 7
Aaron, 4
 I got pictures of four of the other grandchildren on another day...


A neighbor's yard was full of leaves just begging to be played in.
Throwing leaves is the best way to celebrate FALL!
We always pose with the park signs.
The shoes come off so they can play in the sand.
Jacob says, "Look at me, Grandma."
Wesley jumps.
Charles jumps.
Cousins Aaron and Diana, both 4, love to swing.
Charles takes Charlotte for her first trip down the slide.
Aaron gives Charlotte a push on the swing.
Douglas was disappointed that some of the kids stopped playing Star Wars with him.
The kids made a discovery in the sand.
Charlotte loved being in the sand. She only tried to put it in her mouth once.
On the way back home.
Let's pose for one more picture.

Saturday - Time with the Grandchildren

First we went to a few garage sales. One sale had some very nice books. Of course, I bought a few. Children's books are my passion and I love getting new ones for the grandchildren.

Then we went to Palmer Park for some fun.

Diana loves to dig in the sand.

Grandma loves to have the children pose and I just love this Little House as a place to do it.

My sweet girl

Douglas is so growing up...he is 10 now. Where did the years go? And what did they do with my little grandson?

Charles is always ready to pose and smile. He is such a charmer.

Wesley could not find the time to STOP for a picture, so I just had to catch him when I could.

They met a neighbor boy and along with some others they had a wild game of tag.

Douglas had to pause in his game for a quick shoe tying, but he was on the look out for whoever was IT.

Wesley is on the move...

Walking the rails...

Doesn't this look like a peaceful trip down the slide ...compared to....

...this wild chase?

Wesley wanted to catch that ring above his head. He jumped and jumped and jumped. He kept trying even though he never made it.


Wesley hanging around.

He went back and forth across these rings. He has so much strength and energy.


Where Wesley climbs, Diana tries to follow. Charles comes DOWN the slide and is on the of TAG still going.

Diana is catching on how to pump the swing herself.

A Princess on the Stone Turtle...sounds like a book title.

End of a fun time at the playground.

Another pose of Diana.

Finally catch Wesley and he is STILL.

They are being "guards."

Looks like Diana will win the race to the car. Of course, the boys did not KNOW there WAS a race.